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From humble beginning this artist seems to have taken a turn, when he took on the journey and a career following his passion in the music industry. Windel Beneto Edwards a.k.a Gyptian's music stems from Reggae, Roots reggae, Lovers rock, Dancehall.

It certainly was a week of true patronism, the Senegambia connection could not be broken. As the week had been filled with activities starting with the Flag Flow High Senegambia event that took place the weekend before the AKASAA Festival, which lead to the continuation of the Senegambia spirit.

Flag flow high Senegambia 2014, Senegalese and Gambians united. Probably the perfect example of how Africans should unite and set examples amongst our African community in Vienna. Music seems to be the foundation of unity to many, perhaps the beating of the African drum would be the calling of a village gathering, but in this instance it was all about Flag Flow High Senegambia 2014. Artist from different parts of Europe joined in this year and making sure that the second Flag Flow High Senegambia took place and it topped the 2013 event.

8 contestants competing for the title of the Austrian Dancehall Contest 2014, the competion this year was heated. 8 ladies dancing and in the end only one winner. The choreography, flexibitly, energy, preparation, audience, lights, music and deep concertration get to through the challenge of the evening. When only the panel of judges could decide on the crowning of this years winner. The energy ....bombastic...!

This energetic lyrical genius captivated the Viennese massive, when merely his name was mentioned for a show in Vienna. With great anticipation after 3 long years Anthony B visited Vienna and filled WUK to capacity. His audience ranging from various backgrounds seemed more than thrilled seeing him live on stage, as he set foot on stage his rich vocals and valiant lyrics had the audience exalted.

Another energy pack evening with Dancehall and the man behind the music Elephant man. Elephant Man a.k.a O'Neil Bryan from Jamaica visits Vienna and not forgetting this was his second time around. Many remember seeing him for the first time live on stage is something unforgettable. 

Its time to take a different approach on articles and really get to the root of things when it comes to this genre of music. There so many artist that pass through Vienna and even though their all trying to achieve the same goal there is always something in particular that differentiates each one apart from the other.

It was in great anticipation of seeing this young musical phenomenon on stage, that we braced ourselves for the evening ahead, once again in Vienna with accompanying artist on stage, after hectic our schedules and a busy past few weeks we were glad that the day had finally arrived.

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