Bounty Killer @ Reigen, Vienna, 2018 pres. by Bunfiresquad

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  • Monday, 21 May 2018 13:17
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In the world of reggae music it takes more than a few hit records to become a star. Renowned for its rebellious stance, reggae requires its leading lights to be heroes, not men of straw.

Bounty Killer is such a character to the people of Jamaica. Like other famous reggae legends before him, he was born in the notorious Kingston ghetto of Trenchtown, moving to the equally fearsome districts of Seaview Gardens and Riverton City as a youth, where his father operated a small sound-system. From the age of nine, the young Rodney Price - inspired by dee-jays like Brigadier Jerry and Ranking Joe - would entertain local crowds at impromptu dances held on street corners, sharpening his rhyming skills and learning the art of dee-jaying where it hurts; in front of the most discerning reggae audience there is!

Unlike arch-rival Beenie Man, his first opportunity to record didn't arrive for some time, despite his two cousins having already established themselves in the music business. One of them, the dee-jay John Wayne, encouraged him to visit King Jammy's studio in nearby Waterhouse, where he recorded his debut "Gun Must Done" as Bounty Hunter for Jammy's brother Trevor "Uncle T" James in 1990. Still only eighteen years old, the maturity of his lyrics (condemning Kingston's lawless gunmen) and deep, growling yet melodic vocal style immediately singled him out as a talent to watch.

Soon afterwards, the Hunter became the Killer; Bounty establishing an even more militant image to distinguish himself from rival MCs with similar monikers. Tunes like "Champion" and "Gunshot Fi Informer" quickly followed, but it was the rampant "Spy Fi Die" for King Jammy's son John John which became his first significant hit.

Special thanks to Bunfiresquad for bringing this great artist to Austria.

Written by: Greensleeve Records, Yeke,  Photos by: Yeke, Videointerview: Brian








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