The Royal Sounds

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Country: United Kingdom (London)


Phone, Ras Al: 0044 790 3993219
Phone, Ajani: 0044 750 6743261
Phone, Gyasi: 0044 753 4451643
E-Mail: royalsounds(at)

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The Royal Sounds

are from the UK (London), they are really a band of the future. Although their age range is 18-25 the brothers have been working together for the best part of ten years and have already acquired a wide range of experience. Touring Europe, backing many artists and working as session musicians in studios.

They are currently working on an album with Edmonton sing-J sensation Hannibal which is titled "The Message" which will be available later this year. In 2010 they produced an album called "Tell Dem" with Papa Jawal which was a great project. By 2012 they went to Switzerland for the first time playing in Gappy Ranks’ band.

The Royal Sounds is spearheaded by multi-instrumentalist brothers Ajani and Gyasi, their credits include Winston Reedy, Dr Dean I, Joy Mack Ray Carless, Dennis Bovell, Frankie Paul, Nereus Joseph, Wappa D, Errol Dunkley, Kandake, African Head Charge, Pete Campbel, Gappy Ranks and more.  Their aim is to spread fresh roots music world wide.
Influences: The Wailers, Third World, Jimmy Cliff, Ras Alkebu, Jackson 5, Prince and Toots.


This 20 year old lover of reggae music hails from North London and was originally known as Kannible until he says, "Jah clipped my ears”. Hannibal was a great General of carthage, which influenced James through strength, bravery and wisdom.

Now Hannibal comes to the stage with uplifting lyrics to wake up his brothers and sisters. In 2009 Hannibal started rapping until he discovered the people who he was influenced by had the wrong motivation themselves. Hannibal then found Rastafari which has now influenced his way of life and lead him to reggae music. In 2012 Hannibal appeared on a compilation project called with 6 other worldwide artist called ‘The Love Boat Riddim’ (produced by The Royal Sounds) which had a fantastic response for Hannibal’s first appearance on a mix CD.

Hannibal’s mission is to continue spreading the message of Rastafari through his music and take his music international.
Influences: Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Buju Banton and Damien Marley.








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