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2015 is Anthony B´s 20th anniversary in the music buisness. Keith Blair also known as Anthony B is a Jamaican born artist and someone who contributes in many aspects to the Rastafari movement.

Having grown up in the rural northwestern parish of Clark's Town, Keith Blair was instilled the fundamental traits of spirituality which were influenced by members of his family. As a young man his preferent choice of music was reggae, particularly the reggae legends Bob Marley and Peter Tosh who influenced his current style.

Adopting to the Rastafari movement was not well accepted by his family as a youth, but through his perseverance  and determination he continued to follow the movement and is a member of the Bobo Shanti Branch, "Bobo Dreads" as they are also known and distinguished by their turbans and long robes of the Rastafari movement.  

During his schooling years Keith Blair debuted as a Deejay of a local sound system called "Shaggy Hi-Power" and in this period also became friends with the likes of Ricky General, Terror Fabulous, Determine and Mega Banton. With phases in the reggae industry in the late 80's singing "slack" songs about women had become a trendy thing to do and this was one route that Anthony B was not about to take, keeping clear of degrading women and opted rather to write politically biased instead.

"The Living is Hard" was Anthony B collaboration with Little Devon's debut single, thereafter working with different producers before joining Richard Bell. In this time period he created hits such as "Fire Pon Rome", "Raid Di Barn", and "Repentance Time". His debut album titled "Real Revolutionary" in the United Kingdom and "So Many Things" in the U.S.A were highly acclaimed by the reggae community. "Universal struggle" in 1997 was then followed by a numerous amount of albums including the 1999's "Seven Seal"  in 2003 "Street Knowledge" and in 2004 "Untouchable" which featured collaborations with artists including Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg & Bone Crusher. In 2005 "Black Star" and "My Hope" and more recently, "Life Over Death" in 2008.

2013 brought with it a new release titled "Tributes to Legends" an album with cover versions of songs from various artist. Anthony B stated "I chose to make a tribute album to firstly show how much these legends influence my music and my life." With so many hit titled tracks Anthony B has far surpassed his goal in music. His truly is a brilliant artist. Tackling, challenging and engaging the minds of many.

Anthony B has also been on tour all over the world.

Thx to: Brian, Baba Sound, Miss T, Souldja, Johnny Cool, of course BunFireSquad and everybody we forgot!

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