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Country: Jamaica, Germany


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For me its about: “Touching the living breathing world with living breathing words", and taking the listener into a universe of Spheric Dub Poetry...

Into my heart beat rhythm of roots in Jamaica and Gabon and even to Japan where I was born. I also connect with Haiku poetry as an important element in my writing.

“My fiirst Spheric Dub Vocals were recorded with Sweden’s Progressive Trance Duo “Vibrasphere” in 2003. " I’ve continued to express myself since then with a wide range of bass sounds whether it be a strictly a Jamaican Dub Vibe, an Alpine horn or a Tabla. I’m open because I know I can link the Island Vibe..."

The vibes thing is pretty amazing; it connects so many people to Jamaican Music and even if I’ve been living outside of Jamaica now for most of my life, my connection to the spirit and culture is deep."

"It’s been a blessing and an honour collaborating with Musicians and Producers in Dub I’ve met along the way outside of Jamaica. It’s an Important life-line seeing as I’m based in Europe.

Collaborations with Neil Perch and the Zion Train family-Dubdada and Ital horns and all those who have been musically open with me especially on my recent debut album “Share the Flame”. Also recent collaborations with Paul Zasky from Vienna’s Dubblestandart on the recent “Woman in Dub” album. Big Up to Ralf Freudenberger with whom I’ve been collaborating for some years now (music and theatre) whose soundscapes are full of inspiration here on homebase Freiburg."

For me, Dub Poetry is: “Critical Communication Strategy” and whether I talk it, chant it, singjay it or jazzify it-“the message is in the medium”. I’m committed to living and loving in the broadest sense of the two words, but I’m also committed to being able at anytime to throw off the rose-coloured glasses and examine what causes us to stumble...





Latest Album

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Dub Music is Freedom Music. For me it is the Heartbeat riddim and the One World riddim. It is a music that leads you into other spheres of thought. Spheric Dub Poetry is the poetry I create within electrified music landscapes.

The Project 'Share The Flame' explores the pulse of the diaspora and deals not only with the personal but with what we share universally. It deals with voyages between wisdom and knowledge, the vulgar sellout of globalisation and the simple joys of the dubical. 'Share the Flame' is a spark, a message and a vibe. It is about touching the living breathing world with living breathing words!

NamePlaySize Length
01 Island Vibe_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum)

1.1 MB1:00 min
02 Economic Explorers Of The 21st Century_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum/Hey O Hansen)

1.2 MB1:02 min
05 My Father´s Mansion_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum)

0.9 MB0:45 min
06 Lik´kle School Girl_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum/Neil Perch)

1 MB0:53 min
07 Share The Flame_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum/Neil Perch)

1 MB0:52 min
08 Lets Just Be_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum)

0.6 MB0:32 min
09 Dis Ya Time_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum/Madtone/Neil Perch)

1.1 MB0:58 min
10 To Beckett With Dub/Akai Mi_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum/Madtone/Neil Perch)

1 MB0:55 min
13 New Word Order_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum/Brain Damage)

1.2 MB1:01 min
14 Mother Of A Restless People_SAMPLE
(Jazzmin Tutum/Brain Damage)

1 MB0:52 min





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