Anthony B & The House of Riddim Band Live @ WUK, Vienna

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  • Saturday, 31 May 2014 11:01
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27.05.2014, WUK, Vienna

This energetic lyrical genius captivated the Viennese massive, when merely his name was mentioned for a show in Vienna. With great anticipation after 3 long years Anthony B visited Vienna and filled WUK to capacity. His audience ranging from various backgrounds seemed more than thrilled seeing him live on stage, as he set foot on stage his rich vocals and valiant lyrics had the audience exalted.

Perhaps not the first and definitely not the last time that many looked forward to seeing Anthony B. The line-up for the evening was really one that had the audience on their feet, opening the show was the Sisyphos Alphine Reggae System from Italy, which if not mistaken was performing for the first time and had an amazing response from the audience.

Awaiting the moment for Anthony B to perform a Jamaican artist by the name Johnny Cool opened his act and brought the audience to a great hype. Johnny Cool, too is a recording artist under Anthony B and seems to have stolen some reggae lovers hearts after his performance.

Anthony B has been on the music scene for the past 14 years having released 13 albums, appeared on over 100 albums and has released over a 1000 singles. This alone gives us a whole new perspective on when this artiste musical journey started. From a part of rural Jamaica called Clark's Town, Keith Anthony Blair started his musical career in church, where he honed his signature vocals. Inspired by Peter Tosh and Otis Redding at a time where he was engrossed in the thunderous chants and rhythms of the Revivalism and the Seventh Day Adventist Church, these are but only some of the attributes that have contribute to him being the artiste we know today.

Well without further ado, when it came his performance right her in Vienna, he really blew the massive away. Anthony B's experience on stage is clearly is seen in his performances as for his backing singers, I Grades Harmony Singers they were certainly amazing bringing the show together, House of Riddim Band and Anthony B were out to give the audience another memorable show. 

I am always overwhelmed by his energy on stage, dancing having fun, yet at the same time sharing a message of spiritual consciousness, concerns of injustice and also expressing warm side to the ladies in the world. Anthony B is such a humble, courteous person and it was an honour having met him. His message not only reflects in his music but stems from his soul too. This show was one that I will never forget!

Bunfire Squad, our words of gratitude will never begin to describe what you're doing in Vienna and Austria. Once again you have put the "cherry onto the cake". Special Thank you to Rasheed and his amazing team for making the Anthony B Concert a success. BIG UP!!!

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs, interview and videos by: Yeke & Lauren








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