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With performances that never seize to amaze the massive, Perfect Giddimani, Uwe Banton, Ganjaman and The House of Riddim Band performance at Fluc Wanne was astoundingly great. In celebration of the Österreichischer Hanf Verband first anniversary, these artist staged a performance that graced the stage with such a great presence that even the few ...

The 25th October was a hard decision making day for the Viennese massive. Three events on the same day, which one would they choose? From our side at the decision came easily, being that we had to support an artists in our Features-section.

Make me Smile – das Festival machte seinen Namen alle Ehre, die Organisatoren und Bands brachten die anwesende Massive zum Lächeln, doch was am allerwichtigsten sein wird – die gesammelten Geldbeträge werden den Personen in Kenia, welche sie am dringendsten brauchen werden, ein wunderbares Lächeln ins Gesicht zaubern.

What a fantastic evening it was, despite the fact that I found myself seated and very observant about what had been going on around me. The turn out was great in aid of such a worthy cause, the venue filled up and surprisingly even though its getting colder, there is always something out there to keep us entertained.

Struttin Beats celebrated 10 years as a sound system, promoter, etc.. With a 2 day celebration which started on Friday and ended on Saturday. We was happy to join the line-up on Saturday and it was very entertaining, Sound Tank Crew and Dexplosion, ...

Kabaka Pyramid, this creative and conscious lyricist performed live in Vienna and had his audience on another wavelength. Simplicity Sound, Golden Crown Sound, Soulshake Sound and Passinjah Sound entertained the massive while waiting on the main act to come on stage.

Jamaican born Timberlee, Live in Vienna at the OJ Club on friday and perhaps my expectation just rose way beyond what I had come to see. The Wild Out Crew brought with them moves that only that made the audience ...

Its been a crazy and wonderful experience traveling through Europe and this time ending one of our last big festival tours at Uprising, spectacular. The vibes the people and atmosphere as a whole phenomenal.

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