Ethiopian Culture Night @ OJ Club, Photos

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  • Thursday, 19 December 2013 12:06
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The celebrating had already started when arrived and fortunately just in time to see Prince Zeka perform with his Band.

To my surprise, the venue OJ Club was decorated with traditional Ethiopian draping as well as the National Ethiopian flag. Respect to the organizers of the event, the Abugida Vienna Cultural Association.

The Ethiopian communities really came in support of this event with an energy that kept on throughout the night. Ethiopians know how to celebrate in a positive way and peacefully. Ethiopian women, could be ambassadors of beauty representing the African continent.

The performance by Prince Zeka and his band was great, this guys always does a good job and guarantees satisfaction. For a moment I was drawn back, remembering Prince Zeka´s performance at the AKASAA Festival 2013. His song titled "Biko Shake" brought the massive to their feet dancing enjoying the performance and guest star Biko Botowamungu packed out his dancing shoes and wined around his hips all the time.

After prince Zeka, was the highlight of the night, an Ethiopian band "Krar Collective" performed, from the UK. These guys really know, how to play their exotic instruments like the "Krar" a mix between a guitar and a lute or the traditional Ethiopian "Kebro" drums. The singer also did a great job, so the massive felt bound to the rhythms and showed us their traditional dances in all facets. We really hope to see them again, maybe at the AKASAA or Kasumama Festivals. Promoters please book them!

Personally, the most interesting part was the dance performances of the "Gizework" dancegroup. These two female dancers changed in their dresses after some time into the different Ethiopian tribes attire and presented  the tribes traditional fabrics, dances and culture.

This was not your typical party or event, it had something to take home in terms of the Ethiopian culture and its something that I will keep forever in my memories.

Big Up, Abugida Vienna Cultural Association for this great night of joy and cultural experience. recorded a video of the performance by "Krar Collective" and it will be online in our video-section soon.



Written and Images: Yeke


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