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About Kenyans in Diaspora Austria

KIDA’s mission shall be to provide a forum through which the Kenyans Diaspora in Austria shall maintain and enhance a sense of identity, promote and advance their individual and collective interests, as well as stem existing divisions that prevent the Kenyan community in Austria from collectively addressing the challenges that they experience.

Kenyans in Diaspora Austria presented the Lifetime Achievement Award to  Adot Killmeyer-Oleche for her outstanding contribution to the United Nations and for putting Kenya's name on the map by having recently been promoted as Head of quality assurance for UNIDO, responsible for the way projects are designed and monitored and approved. H.E Ambassador Micheal Oyugi presided over the Award Ceremony.

The Winner of Humanitarian Award Alice Wamuyu-Raith a Kenyan Mother living in Austria who beat all odds by defying the doctors predicament over her Sons ailment and through her undying love and devotion her Son has been able to make great Health improvements a case that Austrian Doctors still marvel. Mrs Diana Oyugi Wife to Kenyan Ambassador presided over the Award Ceremony.

As the formalities had come to an end, all who attended were definitely ready enjoy the rest of the evening that offered performances by the children, Dj Razor, Risasi, Beatrice Abayo  and the Kenyan Acrobats.

I find that there times where such attributes need to be made mention of in society, that as younger people, we find  source of inspiration to further and better our stances in life, through events like KIDA. It was wonderful seeing a variation in age at the event and even more so having fun together, dancing the night away!

It really was a heart warming feeling, the hospitality and atmosphere was something to remember.

Thank you to KIDA and  Louise Deini for inviting Africanlife.


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