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Overjam 2013,
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Overjam, 2013! Hosted in one of the most beautiful locations I have been to thus far. Slovenia is not that far away from Austria and hosts some of the most spectacular scenery, one can only assume why the beauty of such a venue would drive Overjam to take the event so far into the mountains. Tolmin is a small town in the west of Slovenia and such wonderful place to visit.

Things started out a bit confused with hiccups, but gradually came together. People had arrived days before this event and settled in, with such beautiful surrounding its easy to understand why.

Overjam hosted a variety of events at the festival ranging from the Main Stage, Over Stage, Dancehall and Dub Area as well as the Overjam University. Workshops were held to keep busy and learn new art forms, like juggling and dancehall, activities for children and the markets had a variety of goods one could choose from.

The atmosphere at Overjam was very relaxed being that the setting was right next to such a beautiful river and more so the people who had come turned the atmosphere into what it really was. What more could one have asked for with beautiful clear skies and a blazing sun.

When day turned to night everything came to life once again on the main stage and the surrounding activity areas. Artist both International and European shared the stage, showcasing their talents that we specifically had been looking forward to seeing.

We like to say thank you to Fulvio, Peter, Sandi and all the others for affording us the opportunity being at the Overjam, it was great and memorable. The team at Overjam really pulled off a great event, bring people from all over Europe together in such a wonderful venue.

We are definitely looking forward to the next event! Big Up Overjam!

All reviews, interviews, videos and photos on the festival are available online now to enjoy (click on the photos below):

Videos, Photos

Video, Photos

Gaye, Sooley, Roots Man I & Namely, Interviews, Photos

0049 overjam 2013 groundation
0146 overjam 2013 protoje
0032 overjam 2013 namely rootsman gaye

Inner Circle,
Videos, Photos


Barrington Levy, Videointerview, Videos, Photos

0093 overjam 2013 inner circle
0063 overjam 2013 jamaram
0027 overjam 2013 barrington levy

Videoconference, Overjam Crew

Photos Festival Area


Photos Dub Area


Photos Dancehallworkshop


Photos Overjam University, Empress Menen Foundation

Written by Lauren, Images/ Videos: Yeke


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