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Chronixx & The Zinc Fence Band

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  • Thursday, 18 April 2013 08:32
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16.04.2013, Vipers Room, Vienna


I found myself stuck at the front of the stage, frozen, drawn into a trans, probably felt as if I had been swept away and perhaps somewhere else that was out of this world.

Live music… it was for real.

Chronixx live in Vienna, this young artist not only inspires, he sets standards when it comes to his genre of music. I could only imagine the performance with and on a bigger stage, louder speakers and lots of fans.

His inspiration to take on the journey as an artist seems thorough, stemming from his background and the challenges life has thrown his way. He has comes this far in this short space of time with a mission to conquer and get his message across, stepping out militantly with a unique voice and armed with lyrics and an accompanying musical sound.

I really can not find the right words to describe the show, though it might not have been the biggest one, all I can say is that the crowd was just as drawn to Chronixx. Looked as if everyone was so hooked to the vibe. It was really a night I will not forget.


I'd like to voice my opinion on the music that Chronixx and the Zinc Fence Band make. Their music is something new in the Reggae Industry. NO high jumping energetic Bobo, NO standard Reggae riddims, melodies and sounds, NO lyrics of violence and sex. Chronixx and The Zinc Fence Band try to make every single note, a new sound and message.

Personally Chronixx is not just a singer he is a storyteller. Telling the stories of life, to the world, to change the current negative perspective that we humans live with to a more positive one. His music reaches out to the youth and with that hopefully the youth will start to change their mentality towards materialistic things like the Dollars, Gangsters they see, Guns and Pum Pum into a more respected unified youth in the future.

Chronixx´s lyrics are backed up by a music-arrangement with a playful new sounding dub element, each note perfectly set and composed to the next note for an impressing, even sometimes psychedelic sounding sound-carpet. This time it was hard for me to take photos, because my ears sent my mind to a other planet and I fought myself back to the reality of taking photos. On this night i just wanted to close my eyes and listen to the musical message.

It made me a bit sad that the live sound in the Viper Room club was not the best, it had more of a rehearsal-room feel to it and because of this at timeline was not able to hear all of the little musical details.

It´s a definite "Must" to see Chronixx and The Zinc Fence Band on one of the big festival stages during this summer! One Love
Thanks to Dj Taff and supporting Dj's.

p.s. We will have a special photo-review of the other supporting artists during the Chronixx show. Please be patient as all pictures will be added soon!

Photos & words by Yeke & Lauren

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