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  • Sunday, 16 February 2014 21:23
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As time never holds back it's hands, ticking down to the very last minute that the stage lit up at the Reigen. The Afro Queen Contest 2014, Austria  finally set into action.

What an amazing journey it was, having met every single person in preparation of the big day. The contestants, panel of judges, Africanlife/Schmetterling team and the wonderful audience who came in support of this memorable event.

This event was about staging some of the most beautiful women, Africa has conceived. These individual ladies brought Africa together as the first participants in 2014, something which at some point seemed unimaginable became reality. The ambience set in the venue, by the amazing team of Disc jockey's, Dj Dilli Boy, Dj Black star and Djane Countessa was amazing, who started the night off with wonderful music, taking us through a great mixed African atmosphere. John Ntsepe and Mellisa performed with gradiousity, splendid performances by these Pianist. Guest from different institutions drew in, H.E. Ambasador Mr. Oyugi from Kenya and other honorable guest alike, all came in support of the AFRO QUEEN CONTEST 2014.

Our wonderful panel of Judges, Ms. Bahati Venus, Mr. Ike Catcher (Mr Vienna 2013), Mr. Pedro Müller (Flair Model Management) and Honorable Mrs. Oyugi, were tasked with the decision of who would walk away as the winner of AFRO QUEEN CONTEST 2014.

There was so much install, in the different categories. In the first round the ladies presented themselves in casual African wear designed by Mande Masa as well as hair and make-up by Vivi, Mande Masa. The second round brought back memories of summer as it was the bikini/ cocktail wear round, the last round brought with it the ladies personalities and talents, suppose the judges had lots of difficultly deciding as the scores were very close for many contestants.

Our contestant represened Africa from all four corners.
Aron, Grace, Daniela, Evi, Jennifer, Bisrat, Cherry, Mekdes, Catherine, Tsitsi, Marietha, Evelyn, Anesu, Linda and Ruth.

These 15 Ladies made AFRO QUEEN CONTEST 2014. They are all Queens of Africa in my eyes.

But as the night drew to a close the 7 finalist were chosen: Anesu, Cherry, Linda, Grace, Evelyn, Catherine and Tsitsi and as the final verdict was decided by the panel of judges, the top three were chosen. This seemed to have had the jury in knots as the decision seemed as if it was never going to be reached.

Drums rolling and finally a decision was made the second runner up was Catherine, first runner up Anesu and the crowned Afro Queen 2014 is Grace. We wish her all the best and look forward to a wonderful year with her.

More articles on our contestant will be online and videos too.

Last but not least thank you to all our sponsors, Flair Model Management, Cosmeticexpress, Mande Masa, Sphinx Lingua Wien, Raciel Style store, Radio Afrika TV, Kookoo Advertising, Prosi and Prosi Cosmetics, Pman, Kingdom Supermarket, Taste and See and Choco sky.

Thank you to all our helpers during the before and during the event, Michael Buchinger, Kodak, Nikita, Monka, Kinga and everyone who attended the event for making the Afro Queen Contest a magical and memorable evening at the beginning of 2014.

We are looking forward to the Afro Queen Contest 2015.


Written by Lauren & Images by Yeke


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