As time never holds back it's hands, ticking down to the very last minute that the stage lit up at the Reigen. The Afro Queen Contest 2014, Austria  finally set into action. What an amazing journey it was, having met every single person in preparation of the big day.

The 10th January was a great moment for the Austrian Reggae scene. Deliman celebrated his birthday and launched his new EP, with the title "Still Blazing".
Missin Link, Jean Galy and Singing Gold performed on stage before the main act from Deliman himself.

The days are numbered as 2013 is at its end. The Viennese massive were once again braced by the presence of Jami Dread, Kuryol and the Jamaican artist Fitta Warri. Having spent some time with the artist prior to the show, one could feel the energy that streamed from their voices when they spoke in anticipation of what the rest of the night was to bring.

Another action packed day, but this Jamaican born artist Patric Thompson a.k.a Lirical D' Mirical, started his musical career at a very young age. Over the years he has honed his skills and shares his knowledge of Reggae culture and music with others through the Reggae School he founded in Denmark as well as being on stage.

Österreich gilt noch immer als eines der reichsten Länder der Welt. Aber, im Jahr 2012 war in Österreich von rund 1,5 Millionen Armuts- oder Ausgrenzungsgefährdeten auszugehen, das entsprach 18,5 % der Gesamtbevölkerung.

Even though time never is on our side, this concert was really amazing. Seeing Luciano and Cocoa Tea live and for the first time on stage with a band was really one of the most memorable events in Vienna this year. The massive's energy was so elevated, the vibe must have definitely sparked more energy into these artist seeing the reaction from the crowd.

The celebrating had already started when arrived and fortunately just in time to see Prince Zeka perform with his Band. To my surprise, the venue OJ Club was decorated with traditional Ethiopian draping as well as the National Ethiopian flag. Respect to the organizers of the event, the Abugida Vienna Cultural Association.

With a string of events lined up around Vienna, on this particular day, my calling was to the Kenyans in Diaspora Austria Launch in Commemoration of Kenya's 50 Celebration. This being the first inaugural KIDA Celebration, there definitely  was a good turn out, as many attended the event, honoring the KIDA Award Winners in support of the organization.

Am 14.12.2013 luden "Kenyan and friends in Austria" zum Event, 50 Jahre Unabhängigkeit Kenias im Haus der Begegnung ein. Höhepunkte des Events waren zweifelsohne die Fashionshow von "The Agency" und "Homemade Story" von Barbara Alli, Hottensiah W. Muchai mit Band, sowie Michael Baya und seine Akrobatikshow.

What an exhilarating feeling, that just the name alone Soweto Gospel Choir, had on me the day I found out that they would be in Vienna. It was something special knowing that this great vocal group would be coming to lift the spirits of many in Vienna, while on their European Tour.

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