On the 27 November, the South African Ambassador HE Mr. Xolisa Mabhongo formally announced the departure of two, of his colleagues who would be leaving the Embassy going back to South Africa in mid December. As their terms in Austria, Vienna have reached completion.

Wow, what an amazing atmosphere it was at Chaya Fuera. For A moment I’d even forgotten that I was so far away from home. The music had taken me down memory lane. Insingizi, Vusi Mkhaya, Jeys Marabini and Frenzy foundation brought the stage to life.

Once again a another Jamaican artist touching ground in Vienna, Junior Kelly at the Club Reigen. Enjoyed every moment of it, except the fact that such a well known artist did not get the exposure one would expect, did not do any justice.

Anthony B always seems to exceed ones expectations. His energized stage performance is one thing that never seem to fade from my memory. I had a blast when he came on stage his energy remains throughout the show keeping the audience wanting more. Yet the music he sings has a message even though we are jamming to it, the man certainly ...

It’s just an amazing feeling, seeing someone from back home performing so far away. Straight out of Cape Town, Black Dillinger was on his European Tour and graced Austria with his presence. He performed quiet a few concerts and venues. Fortunately we had the opportunity to, ...

This group of dancers was out and about to share the different cultures of dance from Southern Africa. Iyasa is from Zimbabwe, telling stories through dance and song. The group is very entertaining and brings to life so much that one could learn from, ...

Reggae in Österreich? War die Reggaeszene im Wiener Raum in der Vergangenheit eher bescheidener Natur, so entwickeln sich die Talente rund um Julian Kokoras und DJ Taff fortwährend und transportieren den jamaicanischen Vibe mehr und mehr nach Österreich.
 Umso mehr zu beachten ist, die persönliche Weiterentwicklung ...

The melodic songs, harmoniously sung by Insingizi was a great performance comprised of three men and a guest appearance artist. The group composes alot of their own music, singing old songs, sung by their forefathers bring them back to life. Their music is somewhat unique as the only instruments used are their voices in acapella and an African drum.

Friends of South Africa , once again brought about the opportunity for South Africans to reunite in Vienna and join into the festivities of the day. Jumping castles for the kids, music and traditional dance kept the young people busy. Food was only but 100% original Southern african, ...

What a performance by the late Lucky Dube’s daughter , Nkulee Dube live in Vienna, at the Afrika Tage with her great band and back-up singers who made everything come together. Ravishing is what the performance was.
Dancing, entertaining the crowd bring us all to a stand still is what the talented artist did.

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