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  • Sunday, 22 December 2013 15:31
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Even though time never is on our side, this concert was really amazing.

Seeing Luciano and Cocoa Tea live and for the first time on stage with a band was really one of the most memorable events in Vienna this year.

The massive's energy was so elevated, the vibe must have definitely sparked more energy into these artist seeing the reaction from the crowd.

Luciano's presence on stage from the moment he step on was exhilarating, his voice is so powerful in context to the lyrics he sings, really bring his message across to the massive as he has over the past few years. Most excitingly, seeing the massive's response during his performance. With no doubt this artist has touched the hearts of many throughout his career and continues to connect many through Reggae. He brought with him the spirit of "ONE"  through Reggae when he touch ground in Vienna, because he clearly left that message behind!

They say dynamite comes in small package and it truly does. An explosion of lyrical intoxication. Cocoa Tea had the massive in a frenzy, enjoying the Riddims, especially when he "pulled out" the old school dancehall tunes. The massive really enjoyed the vibe, Cocoa Tea himself felt the energy from the crowd and this seemed to be a catalyst that just fired his energy up to want to continue performing. He has been an artist for a very long time and even so, he continues through his passion to continue on his musical journey, reaching out to many. I think Cocoa Tea is such a gentleman and even the short time spent with him during our interview, his energy and humility poured over me.  

The evening was really something, amazing two great artist, under one roof, sharing one stage, right here in Vienna, Flex what more could we ask for, bring 2013 to a close.

Bun Fire Squad, Rasheed. Thank you for bring life and energy back into Vienna throughout the year of 2013, its a year we can all look back onto.





Written by Lauren,  Images/Video: Yeke,Lauren,  Interview: (Lauren & Yeke)


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