This is a diverse group artist who bring music alive, Meta and the Cornerstones.  Meta started his career on the streets of Dakar rapping, later making a move to the U.S. In 2002 he then moved to New York, fell in love with reggae and formed the band we know today as Meta and the Cornerstones.

Well if "They don't know" what a "Warrior" Chronixx is then there certainly  "Aint no giving in" to making this young musician dream a reality, reaching every single corner of this earth with his music, which he seems to be doing, stretching his wings out and soaring.

Luciano "The Messennjah" presence on stage from the moment he step on was bracing, his voice is so powerful in context to the lyrics he sings, really brought his message across to the crowd as he has done over the past few years. The most intriguing part was , seeing the massive's response during his performance.

Orville Richard Burrell a.k.a Shaggy, Mr Boombastic, Mr Lover, goes way back in time, first having pursued his musical career in 1993. Caroline, Its wasn't me and Angel are some of the hit songs that we undoubtedly know are sung by Shaggy. I just feel that there is not much that one can say about Shaggy, he alone has done that all by himself over the years, his resume is so long and world renown. Shaggy made it to the top and the hearts of millions around the world.

Celebrating an event that consecutively takes places for 20 years is truly amazing. There were not stops to this years celebration, being the 20th Anniversary of Reggae Jam. All the preparation that went into it, from all walks of life started a the beginning of the year and for many while the 2013 event was still taking place not even over.

L.U.S.T…is a Jamaican 4 membered male group and they will certainly keep your lust for music at a high. With their sultry voices along with the lyrics, from love songs and sweet melodies L.U.S.T will keep every woman on her toes. Well with their range of songs they cater for both male and female of course, but opposites attracts.

This creative conscious lyricist Keron Salmon a.k.a Kabaka Pyramid is really an evolving artist. His abilities are easily noticed through his creativity in words, his strengthens working through his lyrics. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, reggae  and hip hop music always seemed to have been at the forefront of this youths life and had a great influence on the artist we know to date. 

A legend, Keith Blake a.k.a Prince Alla is a roots reggae artist who started his career in the 60's and has continued to release right into the 2000's. Artist such as Prince Alla have definitely played instrumental roles in the development of reggae music over the years and perhaps even the role in the shaping of this genre of music over the decades. Surely his has been a mentor and the making of reggae history with his contribution of the decades.

When it come to dancehall these guys have been on the scene for some time busting rhymes and moves. These guys are explosive. rdX is Renegade X and Delomar X, the duo were formerly known as Xsytment. Carlton Williams a.k.a Deejay Renegade and singer Andre Bedward a.k.a Delomar X are a creative  and versatile dancehall duo.

This was one of those cultural encounters, the flair from "old school" roots music with our current day to day life experiences. Naked and raw, Roots Reggae is what Midnite's music is described to be, the resonance of the music and lyrics from Vaungh Benjamin and Midnite's Christian Molina (drums), Edmund Fieulleteau (guitar), Edwin Byron (guitar) and Ras L (keyboards) were clearly a force to be reckoned with.

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