Prince Alla @ Reggaejam 2014, Interview

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  • Thursday, 04 September 2014 00:00
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A legend, Keith Blake a.k.a Prince Alla is a roots reggae artist who started his career in the 60's and has continued to release right into the 2000's. Artist such as Prince Alla have definitely played instrumental roles in the development of reggae music over the years and perhaps even the role in the shaping of this genre of music over the decades. Surely his has been a mentor in the making of reggae history with his contribution of the decades.

His heart has stayed true to the roots reggae, what a warm welcome from the crowd getting to see one of the veterans on stage. Prince Alla certainly reminded and taught many what reggae music used to be and what it has become, decades apart but still driven by one passion. Reggae music.

Bless Prince Alla

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs: Yeke, interview and videos by: Yeke & Brian





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