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As the Festival goes on, it attracts even more visitors. I must say that even though it's my first time at the festival, I must admit that it's really been loads of fun. Even though the weather might be playing silly tricks on us, as they say the show must go on. The activities have been fun, markets, food, talks and lots more.

Kasumama, thirteen consecutive years and a great attendance even on the opening day of the festival. An African market, the fragrant scent of delicious African delicacies in the air and the sounding of drums which brought the whole atmosphere together for the festival visitors.

Back to reality… a weekend to be remembered, a line-up that catered diversely for all ages and groups, a series of activities, markets with beautiful crafts and traditional wear, paintings and jewelry, live music and so much more. Even though one has to reflect back over the past few ...

The rain brought with it, an absence of people, such a wonderful location and not many people turned out. I suppose I could say it had a lot to do with the weather. Kulturverein Schloss Fridau hosted their annual festival this year.

Wow, what an amazing atmosphere it was at Chaya Fuera. For A moment I’d even forgotten that I was so far away from home. The music had taken me down memory lane. Insingizi, Vusi Mkhaya, Jeys Marabini and Frenzy foundation brought the stage to life.

This group of dancers was out and about to share the different cultures of dance from Southern Africa. Iyasa is from Zimbabwe, telling stories through dance and song. The group is very entertaining and brings to life so much that one could learn from, ...

The melodic songs, harmoniously sung by Insingizi was a great performance comprised of three men and a guest appearance artist. The group composes alot of their own music, singing old songs, sung by their forefathers bring them back to life. Their music is somewhat unique as the only instruments used are their voices in acapella and an African drum.

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