Black Messengers Afro Band @ Fania, Vienna

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  • Wednesday, 28 May 2014 00:00
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11.05.2014, Fania, Vienna

Black Messengers Afro Band is made up of 7 talented musicians from Zimbabwe, South Africa, Congo, Kenya and Burkina Faso. Their music has been influenced by a variety of cultures. It's a fusion of African traditional music and Afro Pop, filled with harmonious singing, percussion, Kora, energetic afro moves.

Percussion and beautiful African voices all harmonized. At times without even realising how drawn back one becomes from ones homeland, life becomes so caught up we are in a world of so many different genres of music, yet that which is so easy to identitfy to seems foreign to so many of us. Black Messengers Afro Band has just help us make that turn back to identifying who we are. Stemming from different parts of Africa, this group which has newly been formed, certainly delievered when they presented themselves for the first time at Fania.

Originally composed songs and a few African hits were sung by the group. I must admit that for their first show, there really was alot of diversity both Austrian and Africans in the the audience who just wanted to enjoy the African music and dance. The evening was one of a very relaxed nature dancing, music and just plain old simple fun.

What really makes me proud is that all the members: Dumisani Ramadu Moyo, Blessings Nqo Nkomo, Karim Sanou, Hottensiah W Muchai, Smiley Divinzenz, Djakali Kone and Pascal Papysolo Lopongo represent a part of Africa, combinding all the different musical elemnts to make sounds that all Africans can enjoy. 

What a wonderful evening filled with true soul music from back home from the Black Messenger Afro Band. We can't wait for the next event. Thank you for having Africanlife as a guest!

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs and videos by: Yeke & Lauren






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