Jah 9, Dubtonic Kru @ Uprising, 21-23.08.2014

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  • Wednesday, 27 August 2014 00:00
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Woman in Reggae, well when it comes to a specific sound, distinguished from the rest this is one artist that one can really say has that impact on her audience with a smooth voice, Uprising was the ultimate experience seeing Jah 9.

With a jazz soloist’s fluidity, a singer’s voice and a poet’s flow Jah9 breathes life into perennial topics over almost exclusively minor-key backings. She is scathing on authoritarian hypocrisy (IntentionPreacher Man), a psychological tourguide to the herb (Taken, with atmospheric nonverbal scatting from the Congos’ Cedric Myton) and metaphorical on the importance of locks (single Legitimate, getting some hard bars from Protoje – returning the favour for her breakout guest-spot on his debut set). “I know” she says, not “I think” or “I believe”, and it is this steely God-given confidence that supplies these recordings a surety beyond their tender years. This is also because it is not strictly speaking her first long-player (there is an earlier project voiced with Beres Hammond, yet to be released).

Backing Jah 9 was the Dubtonic kru. Their versatility and capability in being able to serve the right dosage to their varying audiences was the edge they had over their counterparts when they were voted BEST NEW BAND IN THE WORLD" 2010 - 2011 at the Global Battle of the Bands World Finals in Malyasia, February 2011. After a fierce musical showdown of different genres that involved national finalists from numerous countries, the Executive Judges made the unanimous decision that awarded Dubtonic Kru top honours.

Like their style of music, Dubtonic is a mixture of two words "DUB", relating to the heavy drum and bass aspect of reggae music and "TONIC", referring to medicine. The eclectic blend of music and musicians are certainly medicine to one’s soul and after listening you simply just want more of this TONIC

It's then no surprise, the level of positive energy that is shared through music between "Dubtonic Kru" and their listeners everywhere they perform.

Always a breathe of fresh air

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs & Videos: Yeke









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