Festival report and Overview, Overjam 13-16.08. 2014

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  • Wednesday, 10 September 2014 22:54
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Overjam 2014, Even though the weather had it in for us all skies covered dark this year at the Overjam Festival, spirits were not dampened. Through the rain and mud we all stuck through to see the performance by the great line-up of artist.

Overjam 2014's line-up really some one to look forward to but, mother nature seem to have a hold of a lot of festivities that would have naturally taken place at the beautiful venue,  it simply rained and gradually it did clear up. 

Overjam hosted a variety of events at the festival ranging from the Main Stage, Over Stage, Dancehall and Dub Area as well as the Overjam University. Workshops were held to keep busy and learn new art forms.

Even though the weather had its role to play in the way the atmosphere at Overjam was still farely relaxed. After clear skies returned to us what more could one do but continue the great line-up of artist. 

When day turned to night everything came to life once again on the main stage and the surrounding activity areas. Artist both International and European shared the stage, showcasing their talents that we specifically had been looking forward to seeing.

We like to say thank you to Fulvio, Peter, Sandi and all the others for affording us the opportunity being at the Overjam, it was great.

We are definitely looking forward to the next event! Big Up Overjam!

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Interview, Videos, Photos

overjam 14082014 shaggy
overjam 15082014 luciano

overjam 13082014 chronixx

Dub Inc

Meta & the Cornerstones

overjam 13082014 dub inc
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