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  • Tuesday, 26 August 2014 23:26
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Captivating voices, spirit of one, 3 amazing artist. One venue, words dont' begin to describe the atmosphere that these 3 artist set with and amongst the other artist who performed at Reggaejam. With a line-up that ran sturdly from one performance to the next, these 3 artist were among those who made the 20th Reggaejam Anniversary worth every while. RC (Righteous Child) Loyal Flames and Torch all these names seem to represent some form of energy and energy it was they brought along.

Stage set back to back performances, they say were there is smoke the is fire.

Loyal Flames

"Loyal Flames" a.k.a Devar Oliver stennett, another young charasmatic artist where looks can be deceiving...and with him, dynamite comes in a small package. Loyal flames has alot up his sleeve and one can tell by his attitude and energy. At the tender age of 13 Loyal realised how healing music was to the heart, singing in the youth choir at the Sandy Ground Baptist Church, later continuing to follow his passion that was strongly motivated by his friends. For Loyal Flames this is where the 22 year old singer/songwriter conscious journey began.

At festivals like Reggaejam, one has the opportunity to see so many artist, different styles, different flows and tunes , but its always something unique that makes each artist stand out differently from the rest, Loyal has that effect about him, I think with all honesty that even through my aquaintance with the reggae music genre is not that close knit as many other experts out there. I personally found that he is one of those artist that instantly draw ones attention. Amazing performance.

Loyal Flames!

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs, interview and videos by: Yeke & Lauren





Photos Loyal Flames



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