Perfect Giddimani, Struttinbeats

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  • Wednesday, 10 April 2013 08:48
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06.04.2013, SUB, Wiener Neustadt

Somehow this show elevated my reggae experience and took it to another level, making my transformation take a leap forward into the reggae movement.

Perfect Giddimani's lyrics have this catchy melody, plain sailing and heartfelt leaving you to want to listen over and over again.

Perfect Giddimani, born Greg Rose continues to rise, the Bobo Dread has a distinct style that differentiates him from his counterparts in the music industry. After having released his first cd in 2005 'Handcart Bwoy' Giddimani has never looked back taking his career to new heights. He has strong credentials with previous releases and a blazing stage presence.

Let me start off by saying…Crazy! Perfect Giddimani had club SUB going wild, the vibe was amazing and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Wiener Neustadt Massive came in support of an artist that delivered a wonderful performance. I pay my respects to this artist, really enjoyed his vibe.

The club SUB opened a few months ago and it looks as if the owners rejuvenated bring back the old Wiener Neustadt "Scene" club scene from the past. The restoration of the club was a success, the club is perfect for urban-events. Light show, Sound, venue-size and air-ventilation is great to accomodate the Massive. I realized a difference between the Viennese and Wiener Neustadt massive: The Wiener Neustadt massive are more underground, have a big vibe, their more excited, responsive and appreciative about seeing an artist like Perfect. The interaction was great crowd had their hands in the air feeling the artist. RESPECT!!!

Vienna Promoters maybe club SUB could be a alternative to the dirty, small and ciggarette-smoke filled clubs in Vienna. And don´t forget: Wiener Neustadt is hungry for great Reggae-artists.

Thank you to the organizers "Struttinbeat" of a memorable show it was indeed. We at look foward to another show in the SUB in Wiener Neustadt.

Photos by Yeke & Lauren, Text written by Lauren

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