Ghettoman & Believers, CD-Launch

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  • Wednesday, 05 December 2012 13:47
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01.12.2012, Reigen Vienna


Ghettoman and the Believers have been on the Reggae music scene for a few years and have now finally launched their new CD.

His music resonates, lyrics echoing songs of peace and freedom. The music does not in any way associate the Reggae culture with violence, drugs and discriminative lyrics. But carries across a messages of positive vibes. Ghettoman is a conscious african-warrior, his spear is the word and his shield is the sweet melody.
The CD Launch at the Reigen was great. Fans really came out, in support of an artist who was there to share his message of peace, love and happiness. Everyone enjoyed the vibe dancing and singing along.

Supporting artist also graced the stage with their presence. Mc Kellerman, The Uprising Crew, Kuryol, Coalman, Kokoras, Guerrero, Dikey Ranks, 3gga, Manuka, Dj Willy, Hottensia, Ms T and EASY B all performed on stage. The Reggae scene seems to be taken it’s place in Austria and is growing....
Sky is the Limit!

The Album and it`s making

"The journey of the album started 2008 in a village called „Mollet de valles“ when I was invited to a festival by the singer of Universal Rockers (Uri green) in Barcelona, Spain. I had the opportunity to meet Sister Streit who introduced me to her partner - Xavier Lizarraga. I equally had the chance to work together with the great excellent musicians and producers in Spain - starting from Pamplona, Bilbao, Sevilla, Malaga, Badalona and Barcelona where the album was recorded. Everything was done in the name of love without barriers or complications.
The Album „JUSTICE“ contains only but eight powerful songs that highlights our moral, spiritual, emotional, economic and political values. We did not focus on the numbers of songs, but we worked hard for the quality and positive message that could transform every vice into virtue in the life of people around the world."

Continue to spread the word!

Photos by Yeke, Text written by Lauren

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