Nigeria slowly becoming the world's newest techno hub

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  • Wednesday, 05 March 2014 20:32
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Nigeria slowly becoming the world's newest techno hub

Africa has never been renowned for being technologically advanced until recently when Nigeria stepped in and took the mobile gaming market by surprise.

With over half a billion Internet subscribers across the region, it’s not surprising why a lot of young professionals are leaving the tourism industry and venturing into a more technological market. More and more African professionals are now building businesses that center on software development in order to generate more jobs in their country as well as to create digital content that specifically caters to the African demographics.

Hugo Obi, a Nigerian who owns the first gaming company in Africa called Maliyo, is one of the few hopefuls who aim to transform Nigeria into a mobile gaming haven.

"Nigeria is the largest country in the continent," said Obi. "It has the fastest growing internet users, fastest growing mobile users, and the shared nature of the Nigerian people is how they love to consume."

A lot of IT companies all over the world have long looked at mobile gaming as the next big thing in the digital market. Gaming Realms, the parent company of mobile casino host Castle Jackpot, predicted that the gaming market will grow to $42 billion by 2015. It is this very reason why some companies that used to create AAA games for the PC and console are now more focused in the development of mobile apps.

Obi’s company is perhaps the most inspiring IT business in Nigeria. Taking cue from the apps developed by Zynga, he was able to create a collection of games that centers on the African/Nigerian experience. Most Maliyo apps are relatable to the culture of the locals, with game titles like Aboki and Okada Ride on the list. According to Maliyo’s website, the company’s mission is “to share the experiences of everyday Africans with a global audience through games. Our narratives, characters, environments and sounds help us achieve this.”

Obi said that the challenges that his company face are immense. However, he doesn’t seem discouraged by this fact because of the positive results that his company is generating for the region.

Thanks to companies like Maliyo, the unemployed of Africa are learning, growing, and slowly transforming themselves into more dependable individuals in a world dominated by computers.

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