Lauren, a professional communications expert from South Africa, loves to learn new languages and cultures. She is always willing to share her expertise on the African culture and lifestyles. Through her social interactions with others, she decided her own social projects in her homeland to launch Africa.

With his strong baritone voice Vido Jelashe marveled the crowd, though it had been the first time I had come across this name, I was brought to an absolute halt and even more so surprisingly we'd shared something in common. Vido Jelashe was a South African artist performing at Reggae Jam and pride filled my heart at that moment.

Jamaican born Anthony Martin a.k.a Lutan Fyah is sometimes credited as Lute and Fyah, he started his musical career in 1999 and prior to this was a professional football player. He featured as a guest artist on albums by Turbulance and Luciano. Later releasing several singles with several different labels and covered Dr. Dre songs and The Fugees.

With one of the most distinctive voices in reggae Fatan Mojah, this mans stamina on stage never seizes to amazes me. Drawing the audience not only through song but his dancing on stage drove the massive wild.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014 22:00

Chronixx @ Reggaejam 2014, Video, Photos

Chronixx and the Zincfence Redemption in 2014 at Reggae Jam, these young artists have come a long way in a short space of time. Reviving Reggae has been at the top of their agenda list and believe me they seem to be getting the job done.

With certain names in the Reggae industry these days the association of the  Reggae revival immediately strikes when the name Jesse Royal is mentioned. With hit songs like "Modern day Judas" this artist has taken the reggae scene by storm.

Lady Saw a.k.a Marion Hall has come along way in this industry and still doing her thing passionately. Lady Saw began performing at the 15, she has worked with other artists like herself including Beenie Man,Luciano, Dennis Brown, Bounty killer and Beres Hammond. "Underneath It All" with No Doubt reached number 3 on the US and sold over 3 million copies reaching triple platinum and won a Grammy Award for "Best Performance by a Duo or Group".

Jah Bouks a.k.a Worin Gerol Shaw known also as Boukie was born in St. Thomas a community also known as Winchester. At the age of 12 he started doing music, leaving St Thomas for Portmore where he did a lot of community stage shows in and around his community. Jah Bouks's musically found identity represents conscious Africa, Rastafari, Love, unity and a positive outlook.

Take coffee, now, Auntie Mavis said, early, early morning coffee, or something like ginger root or Spanish onion or honey-leaf tobacco or stand-pipe jasmine! Directly , you see, that is the intentional smell of things.

The enthralling storyline of Under the Frangipani kept me turning the pages wanting to find out what is next. Mia Couto’s idea of intertwining African traditions within the western world is brilliant, for in the novel the African world is exposed to us by the spirit Ermelindo Mucanga who returns from the dead and resides in a police inspector, Izidine Naíta who is investigating a murder.

Thursday, 07 August 2014 17:16

Going down memory lane with Macy Gray

Known for distinctive voice and singing style Macy Gray has braced the world with her music and presence both as an actress, record producer and singer-song writer. Influenced by the likes of Billie Holiday and Betty Davis she long made a name for herself topping charts after she released her first album " On how life is" in the late 90's.

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