Think Art Exhibition, 15.12.2014 @ Weltcafe, Wien

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The opening of the "Think Art" exhibition took place at the Welt Cafe Vienna, which drew art lovers from around the city who attended the event.  Brian Senorfe a Ghanaian born artist has honed his skills, perfecting his skill at thread art. For many this might not be a technique of art that is commonly seen, as it has its own disciplines of patience in each piece of work that is done. Having spent time with Brian at his studio, one had the opportunity to acknowledge how much patience and discipline goes into each of these time consuming pieces that are rendered into the art works and the way that we get to see them.

Think Art 2014 Ausstellung, 15.12.2014 @ AAI- Galarie, Wien

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Die Ausstellungen in der AAI-Galerie im café afro und in der AAI-Galerie im Weltcafé sind eingebettet in das Bildungsprogramm des Afro-Asiatischen Instituts in Wien.

Afro Poetry Cafe @ Mekan 24, Vienna, 23.11.2014

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Afro poetry Cafe, a platform that many of us looked forward to, turned out with a good attendance being the first gathering. There are certainly poets who could write to order 20 page speeches in 20 different kinds of verses.… There are very few poets, however, who could write them all with such easy grace; and I doubt that there are any other poets who could pack these intricate forms with so many ideas like the ones who expressed their own written poetry and recited poems with such sentiment and passion at the Afro Poetry Cafe.

„European HIV Testing Week 2014“ vom 21. bis 28.11.2014

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In dieser Woche erweitern wir unser anonymes und kostenloses Testangebot (HIV und Hepatitis) und bieten die Tests an folgenden Orten und zu folgenden Zeiten an:

Donisha Prendergast @ Eventpyramide, Vienna, 17.10.2014

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Donisha Prendergast, an Ambassador of Rastafari, a woman who stands bold and firm in her task, brought to our attention  the matter that Pinnacle faces to date.  A commune called, Pinnacle situated in Saint Catherine Parish, Jamaica,  is the cradle of Rastafari. Donisha certainly is making known that there are troubles in paradise and that the birth place of Rastafri needs some acknowlegment, for its treasures could be lost if the fight against those who want to take it away is not defeated.

I Listen to What I Like: For the love of Music

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For the love of music, yes I do get down and boogie or sing when my favourite song plays. And for the love of music, yes I do explore various genres which not many people would usually delve into and find irresistible afterward.

11.05.2014, Schmäh kontra Rassismus @ Vindobona

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Der Verein Eins lädt Sie/dich am 11. Mai 20144 um 20.00 Uhr unter dem Motto „SCHMÄH KONTRA RASSISMUS - Kabarett so bunt und vielfältig

Ways of life part Ways of life part 1 – original affluence

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We were taught to believe that our modern lifestyle, which thrives on egoism, competition, greed, and inequality, is an improvement

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