Africa Jewelry: The significance of African beads

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African beads play a significant role in African culture, past and present. Africans bestowed great significance to their cultural artifacts, one of them being their beads. The color, size, shape and region on the body that the beads were worn meant many different things among them.

Black Smoke: the Afro Goth Sub Culture

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The definition of Afro Goth is a subculture of African and dark skinned men and women that have a passion for goth and/or emo style in dress, music, and personality.  The goth style tends to gravitate towards a darker palette and both clothes and makeup using cimmerian undertones.

Why the obsession with lighter skin?

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During a recent dinner with two older black women, the subject of colorism found its way into our conversation, amongst chatter of romance, interracial dating, and graduate school. We openly and casually discussed the difficulties that many darker-skinned black women have finding partners as a result of skin tone hierarchies that continue to inflict "the black community."

Afro Queen Contest 2014 "Fitting Conference"

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As the time to AFRO QUEEN CONTEST 2014, Austria draws closer, anxiety builds up, the pressure begins to mount and time starts to run out counting down to the BIG DAY!. Our motivation has not been stunted but continues to grow with the support from our contestants, sponsors and our wonderful team.

25 Best Short Hairstyles for Black Women 2014

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Having to deal with thick, rebellious and extremely curly hair is very challenging. It is not like you have the patience to style your hair in a different manner every single morning. However, if you had the right haircut, then it would not be that hard to style it however you find fit.

All about me, Love me, love my hair, au naturel!

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You know how it flows …or rather how it doesn’t! Black women all over the world have all been victims of tress stress – years spent suffering with relaxer damage, scalp problems, hair loss, let alone the amount of cash we keep putting into our hair! Enough is enough!

Malaika Design – unique, everytime, everywhere

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In a  day and age when African designers are fighting for a chance to be heard on the global stage, and where excellence is far and few between, we heartily embrace designers and thinkers such as Rosemary Dede and  Adwoa Ode-Dombrowe.

Pirelli celebrates 50 years: Alek Wek stars in anniversary shoot

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Alek Wek has catapulted from her past (escaping civil war in Sudan) to stardom, taking centre stage in the 50th Anniversary annual Pirelli calendar that brings together the world’s most beautiful women and the fashion industry’s most celebrated photographers and stylists in a celebration of the female body.

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