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Our Contestants

These are our Contestants for the AFRO QUEEN CONTEST 2014. They are all amazing and each one of them, will present a wonderful talent in the "Talent Round".

DonĀ“t miss this great show on the Valentines Day at the Reigen Vienna.

01 Aron, dancing performance

alle queens0000alle queens0001


02 Grace, dancing performance

alle queens0002alle queens0003


03 Daniela, plays violin

alle queens0004alle queens0005


04 Evi, dancing performance

alle queens0006alle queens0007


05 Jennifer, singing performance

alle queens0008alle queens0009


06 Bisrat, plays kira and violin

alle queens0010alle queens0011


07 Cherry, singing performance

alle queens0012alle queens0013


08 Megdes, poetry performance (Sorry no photo, she was on holidays)

09 Cathrine, singing performance

alle queens0014alle queens0015


10 Tsitsi-Belinda, singing performance

alle queens0016alle queens0017


11 Marietha, dancing performance

alle queens0018alle queens0019


12 Evelyn, dancing performance

alle queens0020alle queens0021


13 Anesu, poetry performance

alle queens0022alle queens0023


14 Linda, singing performance

alle queens0030alle queens0031



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