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RC (Righteous Child) @ Reggaejam,Interview, Videos, Photos

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Captivating voices, spirit of one, 3 amazing artist. One venue, words dont' begin to describe the atmosphere that these 3 artist set with and amongst the other artist who performed at Reggaejam. With a line-up that ran sturdly from one performance to the next, these 3 artist were among those who made the 20th Reggaejam Anniversary worth every while. RC (Righteous Child) Loyal Flames and Torch all these names seem to represent some form of energy and energy it was they brought along.

Stage set back to back performances, they say were there is smoke the is fire.

R.C. (Righteous Child)

R.C. (Righteous Child) a.k.a Ryan Campbell, started off as a shy youth, not exposing and sharing his talent with the world, but in 2002 at the age of 17 he overcame his shyness. Teaming up with Dj Brasco until they took their seperate paths in life. RC then took his own path and started writing his own lyrics and making his won music performing in his community. Initially his name was Righteous Chant but the decision came by a friend who released that R.C. never trod onto the dancehall side of music and never slacked, suggesting Righteous Child which was shortened and are also the initials of his birth names. 2004 came as a year were he spread his wings and made a debut and later again in 2007 and which launched this young musician to new heights. As they say the rest is history.

Proving what his capable of doing best, he does without any shyness at this point, R.C.'s stage presence is shown through his strong and versitile voice, lyrics and flow on stage. In as much as it was the first time seeing him live and peraps even more thrilling for the audience and his followers. The Reggaejam audience seemed to have been enjoy every second of his presence.

It was simply blazing!

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs, interview and videos by: Yeke & Lauren







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