Afro Poetry Cafe @ Mekan 24, Vienna, 23.11.2014

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  • Tuesday, 25 November 2014 12:32
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Afro poetry Cafe, a platform that many of us looked forward to, turned out with a good attendance being the first gathering. There are certainly poets who could write to order 20 page speeches in 20 different kinds of verses.… There are very few poets, however, who could write them all with such easy grace; and I doubt that there are any other poets who could pack these intricate forms with so many ideas like the ones who expressed their own written poetry and recited poems with such sentiment and passion at the Afro Poetry Cafe.

his was something I probably always wished existed, but would never make it my own initiative. Much appreciation goes out to the organiser Sama, of the now established Afro Poetry Cafe for making the first gathering possible. The iniatiative itself has a background and perhaps this is the type of platform at best to share information on about different issues regarding and relating to Africa.

The evening as a whole was very enticing, for poetry is the art of rhythmical composition, written or spoken, for exciting pleasure by beautiful, imaginative, or elevated thoughts. The audience was realed in, listening attentively, some poets left members of the audience doing some introspection. Words have power over the mind and this was certainly the place to set some thoughts free.

We're certainly looking forward to the next stimulating session.

Written by: Lauren,  Photographs: Yeke





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Lauren, a professional communications expert from South Africa, loves to learn new languages and cultures. She is always willing to share her expertise on the African culture and lifestyles. Through her social interactions with others, she decided her own social projects in her homeland to launch Africa.

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