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Juss Buss Television, Jamaica’s most widely viewed TV Station

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Jussbuss Television is a media production company that designs and creates globally competitive content. Headquartered in Kingston, Jamaica, Jussbuss Television is co-founded by Andrew Jackson, Pierce McLean and Johnathan Newman.

Close friends from high school, these young entrepreneurs began operating Jussbuss Television in June 2010 as an Entertainment Website ( Since then Jussbuss Television has steadily gained recognition as an online source for the latest in Caribbean Entertainment, producing original content such as Beyond the Scenes™, a web series that uncovers the inner-workings of the Entertainment Industry.

Having established a solid web platform, in 2013, Jussbuss Television began to redirect its focus from exclusively online media to television production, successfully distributing its breakthrough media project Jussbuss Acoustic™, on Jamaica’s most widely viewed TV Station, TV J. In addition to the project’s wide distribution, it has been able to generate significant revenue by the garnered support of major financial sponsors such as Red Stripe Beer, Guinness Beer, Supreme Ventures & Coca Cola.

Today, Jussbuss Television offers a variety of products and services such as: Advertisements, Music Videos, Event Filming and Corporate Promotional or Instructional videos. However, our main focus has been on creating original content.

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